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Monday, 5 December 2011


I see some people are losing with this hero, which is pretty bad tbh. So, here is my guide to how to play Amun-Ra.

The first thing you should notice is that he looks angry. This is no mistake; this was carefully developed by [S2] to subconsciously tell you that you should play Amun-Ra like he's angry. Like that jackass who cut you off the road and you just want to ram into them from behind and drive them into the ditch, but you can't because car accidents suck balls. Well, this is a video game, so you're going to ram people from behind and run them into the ditch as Ra.

So, first thing you normally talk about with any hero is stats. He's a strength hero, and that's about all I'm going to say on the subject. If you want to see his stats, go here:

Next up, his skills.

Create a path of flames in front of you culminating in a meteor. While on the path, you may walk through anything. Enemies struck by the meteor are damaged and stunned while you gain movement speed.

I have no idea what this skill is called, but it doesn't matter. We're going to call it Flaming God Fist for the purposes of this guide. I'm going to highlight the important part:

walk through anything

I had a game where I walked through Empath wall and roflstomped her face about 5 times at her tower, but the recent crashes ate the game. Sad story, bro.

This is Ra's second skill, Ignite. It does a ton of AOE damage around you, and slows units affected. This will be your super duper creep destruction Chinese rice ability for most of the game, and the first nuke which you max out. More details on this skill will come later when we discuss how to kill people and farm with Ra.

This is Ra's third skill, which we will be maxing out by level 7. What does it do?

At level 7, it's 8 hp/sec, up to 50 attack speed and up to 50 AOE damage per second in a 350 radius around you. It works based on how much damage you've taken recently, which brings me to the fact that I forgot to mention how much mana Ra's spells cost. They don't. They use a percentage of his health instead, which is fine, because you don't care about your health after you ding level 3. Lifetube is 5 hp/sec, mock is 40 dmg/sec, so this skill is better than lifetube and mock, and gives attack speed.

Yeah, mock gives +60 damage or so, but this is free. Mock's value is also dependent on what stage of the game you get it. Obviously, getting a mock when most heroes have 1500-2000 hit points isn't going to make a huge difference. Having a mock at level 7, when most heroes have 1000 hp or less, is like punching your six year old sister in the face. She never had a chance.

This is Ra's ultimate. It's a Kongor token that brings you back once every 6/5/4 minutes with 50% life, and makes you cast Ignite when you respawn. You also do 10/20/30% increased damage. The best part of this ultimate is you don't have to level it at 11 and 16. If it's on cooldown for another 3 minutes when you ding 11, for example, you should wait to skill it until 12 or 13.

So, now we know what our skills do. Now we need to know how to level them. I prefer:


Or, for those of you who don't read that format as well:

1. Flaming God Fist
2. Mocktube
3. Mocktube
4. Ignite
5. Mocktube
6. Ulti
7. Mocktube
8. Ignite
9. Ignite
10. Ignite
11. Ulti (if not on cooldown)
12. Flaming God Fist
13. Flaming God Fist
14. Flaming God Fist

So, on to starting buys and who to lane with.


That should be your level 1 inventory. For laning partners, ranged heroes with a reliable stun, slow or hold are preferable.

Melee heroes with stuns/slows will also do, but are not ideal.

Now, let me backtrack for a bit before we talk about the laning phase. Remember how we discussed the fact that Ra is angry? Well, as it so happens, Forest of Caldavar has a lot of trees. Ra really HATES trees. He hates them so much, he took up residence on the Hellbourne so he can destroy the World Tree. He hates them so much, this is what your lane should look like at level 1:

Uploaded with

You see, both Flaming God Fist and Ignite destroy trees. Flaming God Fist destroys trees in a line in front of Ra, and Ignite destroys trees in an AOE around Ra. So, if your lane isn't deforested to the point where Keeper of the Forest rage quits, you are failing. Ra is quite capable of killing heroes at their tower in combination with a hero like Myrmidon, so he doesn't need trees up for ganking. Keeping the trees dead prevents you from getting ganked, and allows your ranged hero to harass enemy heroes who ordinarily would have been safe around the tree line.

Strategy in the laning phase is very simple. At level 1 or 2, possibly 3 against a very strong enemy lane, you will kill the enemy hero. Your ally, who should have a reliable stunning or slowing mechanism, should initiate on the enemy hero of choice (preferably the squishiest of the two targets). Your job is to immediately Flaming God Fist that hero and charge in. Your Flaming God Fist will do an AOE stun in front of you, a small amount of damage, and it will give you +20 bonus movement speed at level 1 allowing you some chasing ability.

Enemy creeps should aggro onto you, and enemy heroes may use their stuns or disables on you as well. This will trigger your passive Mocktube ability, doing 20/30 DPS in an AOE around you (depending on whether you were level 2 or 3 when you initiated). You will chase within melee range of the enemy hero with your AOE. If you are stunned and unable to stay near them with aura, then hopefully your ally's stun/slow will have come off cooldown to secure the kill. Otherwise, you may need to Flaming God Fist a second time to secure it.

Once you've netted first blood or a few kills, you'll want to grab a Lifetube from the side shop, followed by a boots. Lifetube will allow you to be far more aggressive, as you'll have 9 hp/sec at level 3, which is more than enough to cover for any harass you've taken, or narrow escapes you make after killing an enemy hero and running from the second.

At level 4, Ignite will significantly boost your ganking potential. It does an AOE damage nuke that also slows your opponents, and triggers your Mocktube faster since it does damage to you. If there are higher-health opponents in the lane you would like to kill to prevent them from farming important items (Behemoth going for a portal key, for example), level 4 is the time to coordinate this with your ally.

At level 5, you and your ally should have the damage output to begin tower diving. Keep in mind the enemy team may portal in to save their ally, so if you are facing a coordinated team, it is recommend that you wait until 6 first. Good times to tower dive are when one of the opponents you are laning against has left the lane to check for the rune, attempt to creep pull, or gone to gank one of your own lanes. You should know when they are missing as Ra hates trees, so you should have clear vision of your lane without any pesky fog of war.

At 6, you can go in for some risky dives as you will respawn when you die. It is completely worth it to kill two heroes in exchange for putting your ultimate on cooldown. You should also be drawing the tower aggro when you do so, allowing your ally to safely attack the enemy heroes from within their tower range.

For midgame items, you should aim for the following:

Ra relies on high health regeneration, health pool, and damage mitigation to both be able to kill enemy heroes and farm the lane. At level 7, with moderate health regeneration you can creep skip towers if there are no enemy heroes in the lane. Your mocktube ability combined with ignite is more than enough to kill the creep wave without taking any significant damage. At level 9-10, when Ignite is higher level or maxed, you can clear creep waves within a few seconds.

Now, to go back to Ra's skills - Flaming God Fist and Ignite do not cost any mana. They use your health pool instead. So, this means Ra can be very aggressive early game once he has health regen, as he essentially has infinite mana to combo onto an enemy hero. This is also a godsend for farming. It's like being able to use Pyromancer's stun/wave for farming, except 10x better.

1) Pyromancer doesn't have the mana regen to do that infinitely without good items. Ra has the health regen to do so with minimal farm.
2) Pyromancer leaves himself vulnerable to ganks using stun/wave. Ra can farm the lane with Ignite and his passive, leaving Flaming God Fist as an escape mechanism if necessary (as it can go over cliffs, through trees, and gives him +60 move speed).
3) Ra is so angry when he dies, he comes back to life pissed off, on fire, and seeking vengeance. Pyro respawns at the fountain.

Even with a bad laning phase, where you do 200 gold/minute, you should be able to come back at the end of the game with 350-400 gold a minute without any issues. Even against mega creeps in a lane, Flaming God Fist/Ignite at max level should clear them, or leave them low enough that your passive does.

With a good laning phase, you can have 400-450 gold/minute by the 15 minute mark, which is when most teams choose to concede against Ra if you've ganked their carry 5-7 times (entirely possible with a lane mate like Myrmidon).

Should the game go to late game, your items need to be much more team-oriented. You have the gold per minute of a carry hero, but you are not actually a carry hero; you are an initiator/tank. If their team is full of physical DPS, you should consider a Daemonic Breastplate for your team. If your team needs a Frostfield Plate or a sheepstick, buy the Frostfield Plate or sheepstick. It doesn't matter if they're not the best pickup for you, you can farm them 5x faster than that Witch Slayer can. Work with your team when deciding what items to buy.

If carrying a certain item for your team isn't mission critical ( ), then consider items that will increase your tankiness, survivability, or just make you a pain in the ass.

I have not tested on him yet, but it may be viable in certain team lineups where he is needed as a semi-carry. He has the move speed and attack speed needed already built-in, so Insanitarius would be useful for the damage boost and to help your passive ramp up it's damage output.

Your role in team fights is to hit as many enemy heroes with Flaming God Fist as possible (for the stun), then proceed to kill the squishiest/most dangerous heroes with Ignite. Ignite will slow them and trigger your aura, allowing you to put maximum damage onto heroes such as Flint Beastwood, Voodoo Jester, Puppet Master, and so forth that need to be killed early.

If you are low on health, man up. Use your Ignite before you die to slow the enemy team, so that they will be in range of the Ignite which triggers when you respawn. You will then want to use your Ignite again immediately after respawning for maximum burst. It is better to die twice allowing your allies to genocide the enemy team, than to survive and lose a rax because you didn't man up.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Fayde, (nerubian assasin)

Skill Build:
1 - Stance
2 - Burning Shadows
3 - Burning Shadows
4 - Cull
5 - Burning Shadows
6 - Reflection
7 - Burning Shadows
8 - Cull
9 - Cull
10 - Cull
11 - Reflection
12 - Stats
13 - Stats
14 - Stats
15 - Stats
16 - Reflection
17 - Stats+
23 - Stance+

Justification / Modifications:
In my opinion Shadow Stance is superior to Scythe Stance since you want the ranged stun and melee nuke. Therefore you get 1 point into Scythe Stance right away and switch to that.
Maxing Burning Shadows over Cull is a matter of taste, but I prefer the ranged hero-only stun over the melee stun that hits creeps too. If you are going to max Cull, consider not taking the first point in Stances initially.
Extra level of Stances are not worth taking over stats, ever.
Starting Items:
(Hatchet >>) Bottle >> Marchers >> Power Supply >> Striders

Striders are core. Ghost Marchers can be picked up initially to be disassembled later, but Striders are still the best boots on her.
After core:
Codex >> Codex level 2 >> Codex level 3 >> Codex level 4 >> Codex level 5 >> Spellshards >> Puzzlebox

Yep. Codex level 5. She's a nil-to-kill ganker with built-in invisibility and max movement speed. Equip her as such. The ability to instagib a carry or an important hero at any point in the game with maxed nukes and Codex is worth any amount of money you spend on Codex.
Roles: Ganker
Preferred Lane: Any
Difficulty: 5/5 (requires a different kind of playstyle than any other)
Farming capabilities: 3/5
Item dependent? - Yes, need Codex, Striders and Bottle to kill solo.
- Early Game / Lane Control: 4/5 (Burning Shadows is a very strong stun in lane)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 5/5 (Ever been instagibbed while farming neutrals before?)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 3/5 (tapers off quite heavily by the time the important targets have enough HP to survive her burst, still a mega threat to somewhat squishy key initiators/disablers like Tempest and Witch Slayer and the general run of the mill supports.
Tips and Tricks:
- Autoattack out of Reflection to get the bonus damage, and then stun STRAIGHT AWAY. I see so many people screw these two basic things up, and that's half of your damage potential gone in an instant and the gank opportunity gone.
- HP counting is extremely important for you as a Fayde player to succeed. You have invisibility, and the leisure of knowing what your target's effective HP will be BEFORE you go all-in on him. If the preferred target is going to survive without any real trouble, it is usually better to find another target or get some assistance. Someone with a Portal Key is very good for this.
- Blow all your nukes on the target straight away. There's no point in waiting. If you're going to kill them, it needs to be in the space of your stun duration.
- Sneak up invis, unleash hell. Don't just use invis to escape, that is wasted potential from level 11 onwards. You should be ganking and not farming much.
- In teamfights, if you can't annihilate someone off to the side before they can contribute - be sure to hit Burning Shadows stun on as many people as you can. It has a long range and quite a long stun duration as well. This can make or break fights.
- A Revelation Ward dropped just in front of you, or in the midst of your team as you're pushing a tower (obviously away from tower detection range!) will allow you the time to react to her sneaking up to you to gank someone.
- She is no carry, so you don't need to be too worried about her getting freefarm. Actually let her farm, that's better than having her roaming around.
- As with any ganking hero, Wards are a good counter. But do note she has invis and can sneak past Wards of Sight.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Blood Hunter

Skill Build:
1 - Feast
2 - Blood Crazy
3 - Feast
4 - Blood Sense
5 - Feast
6 - Hemorrhage
7 - Blood Sense
8 - Blood Sense
9 - Blood Sense
10 - Blood Crazy
11 - Hemorrhage
12 - Blood Crazy
13 - Blood Crazy
14 - Feast
15 - Stats
16 - Hemorrhage
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
This build is for solo mid.
If you start on a side lane swap the first two skills to get/prevent an early kill. The build is adaptable; usually Feast 3 is enough, get Feast 2 or 4 before you max out Blood Sense and Blood Crazy if it feels right.
Starting Items:
(Iron Shield >>) Chalice >> Helm of the Black Legion >> Steamboots

If the game feels hard you maybe wanna get Iron Shield and/or Steamboots before Chalice or even 1-2 Fortified Bracelets.
An early Helm makes Blood Hunter become an incredibly powerful (almost) unstoppable force. Tower diving with impunity with Blood Sense and Feast makes him a real threat no matter where on the map he is, as soon as someone is low enough to chase down.
After core:
(Mock of Brilliance >>) Frostburn >> Shrunken Head >> Savage Mace >> Frostwolf Skull/Geometer's Bane split

Blood Hunter is a good hero to rush Mock. It synergizes well with Feast and to a lesser extent with Blood Sense (chase down invis heroes). If you are unable to really rush the Sword of the High before even Helm, then it's probably better to leave it and move onto other items.

Frostburn is pretty much the best choice for him next, giving decent midgame stats for an affordable price. Shrunken Head is next as it stops you from being chain stunned to death, and unable to get the Feast debuff on someone to keep your survivability up.
Alternative Items:
Codex: A popular choice in pubs. It works fairly well in midgame as a ganking tool but severely hurts your lategame carry potential.
Roles: Mid-game carry, Ganker
Preferred Lane: Solo mid
Difficulty: 2/5 (last hitting and denying to get Feast makes or breaks you in lane)
Farming capabilities: 2/5 (Feast helps somewhat)
Item dependent? - Yes, but can function well on his core and either Frostburn or Mock.
- Early Game / Lane Control: 4/5 (Weak harassing, but excellent staying power and superior last hitting except against a few heroes)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 3/5 (Good ganker, better if opponent is braindead or you cause a situation where the target is damned if he does run and damned if he doesn't)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 3/5 (Not a true hard carry, but capable of extreme longetivity in teamfights when Feast procs off a hero.)
Tips and Tricks:
- You have to gank with Blood Hunter. If you play mid, its the only reason you are there. Gank whenever your ult is up.
- You can take out the ancient creeps very early with Blood Crazy and you can generally go jungling pretty well from level 5 on.
- When ganking always decide wheter to use Blood Crazy as a damage amplifier or as a silence; depending on the heroes you are ganking.
- When taking out a tower or a barracks, it is always a great idea to use Blood Crazy on yourself. The increase in damage is essential in maximizing potential tower kills.
- Oh and please go gank with Blood Hunter!
- Facing BH solo mid is one of the toughest things in HoN. Chances are you will not be able to out-cs him and fall behind quickly. Harassing won't solve the problem. There are 2 solutions:
1. Put two players mid. This will shut him down for good.
2. Call for ganks.
- Heroes that can compete with BH in mid (mostly melee heroes): Pebbles, Blacksmith, Zephyr, Legio, Predator, Chronos, Deadwood and Soulstealer (Burst Nukes).
- If he is not overfed his power will decline after the midgame.
- Don't always stand still when he ults you. Sometimes you have to run to survive! Level 1 ult is fairly weak in particular.
- Carrying a TP for when he ults you can save you. He has no way to disrupt a TP channel himself without outside help.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Plague Rider (Lich)

 Skill Build:
1 - Extinguish
2 - Contagion
3 - Contagion
4 - Extinguish
5 - Contagion
6 - Plague Carrier
7 - Contagion
8 - Extinguish
9 - Cursed Shield
10 - Cursed Shield
11 - Plague Carrier
12 - Cursed Shield
13 - Cursed Shield
14 - Extinguish
15 - Stats
16 - Plague Carrier
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Getting Extinguish at level 1 allows you to deny the ranged creep in the first creep wave. This will deny the enemy XP (he will reach level 2 significantly later than you if you eat a creep from the middle lane) and it will push the wave to your tower. If rune ganking, Contagion at level 1.
As of the re-alignment patch, eating a creep from mid and being able to run to the sidelane and still block creeps is now much better with his base 320ms!
3 levels of Extinguish are enough to cover mana costs and this build allows you to get the Cursed Shield one level earlier.
It is possible to skip Extinguish and level Contagion and Cursed Shield straight off, but Extinguish gives you an amazing amount of lane control.
Starting Items:
/ 2x 2x:MinorTotem

Plague Rider will often be the babysit in a lane, and we take 2 sets of Runes as to capitalize on being able to nuke someone and get in extra autoattacks of harass while they are slowed. You will usually cop a bit of damage from creeps for it, hence the extra regen.
Marchers >> Power Supply >> (Ring of the Teacher) >> Wards of Sight >> (Fortified Bracelets)

Plague Rider is a pure support hero and should be played as such. Thus your main job will be warding! The gold that is left over will be invested in support items as listed below.
Ring of the Teacher complements his armour capacity and helps the other person in lane with mana regen. Strongly consider getting one.
Fortified Bracelets as necessary.
After core:
- Wards of Sight - You know why.
- Plated Greaves - Best boots for him, giving a small amount of stats and armour. Can be disassembled at your leisure for a quicker Astrolabe.
- Striders - If you aren't getting the farm at all between Ward purchases.
- Astrolabe - Extinguish ensures you'll always be running around with enough mana to use your spells and this baby. Also gives more armour, making you a veritable fortress with a heal. (level 13 with Plated Greaves, Ring of the Teacher, Astrolabe and Cursed Shield, you're sitting on 32 armour!)
- Tablet of Command - Mobility under silence, larger mana pool, ministun.
- Kuldra's Sheepstick - 800 range disable.
- Puzzlebox - The slows on Plague make this pretty decent on him for the minions to catch up to someone and pump out damage.
- Staff of the Master - Gives +90 damage per bounce of Plague Carrier, for +630 total. As a 4th/5th item, it's ok. Not worth rushing before Astrolabe/Tablet are done.
- Nome's Wisdom - Upgrade path for Ring of the Teacher. Gives stats and a heal aura. Only consider if nobody else wants one. The extra mana regen it now has is meh for you.
Roles: Support
Preferred Lane: Any. Ok solo mid, but wasted there.
Difficulty: 3/5 (ult not trivial to use)
Farming capabilities: 3/5 (unlimited mana, aoe nuke)
Item dependent? No, functions well off just basic Marchers and minor totems.
- Early Game / Lane Control: 5/5 (decent harass with Contagion nuke and slow allowing harass, Extinguish denies exp hard from a lane)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 5/5 (Devastating ultimate, strong ganker with no real mana issues)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 3/5 (ult is a low enough cooldown to flog off every fight, armour is very strong)
- If you are laning mid your reason-to-be is to gank. As soon as you hit level 6 head to the top or bottom lane and try to grab that double tap.
- If you are laning with a partner your job is to babysit. Focus on harassing over denying over lasthitting as with any babysitter except for that your harass actually is more than an annoyance with Contagion+autoattacks.
- Your ultimate has a ministun on the person that you cast it at. This will interrupt TP's and nasty stuff like Tempest's ultimate.
- Be aware that Nullstone will counter your entire ultimate if you cast it at someone with one. It will bounce to them like normal with no problems if cast on someone else.
- When to cast your ultimate (Plague Carrier):
//In the forest with 2-3 enemies away from creeps
//When ganking 2 or more and you chase them back towards the tower away from the creeps
//When one hero and 2 creeps are standing very close (it will bounce between them very quickly)
//You are about to die lategame and might as well do some damage before you go (low cooldown)
- Barrier Idol. Absorbs the major damage of his ultimate.
- Magic Armor in general really helps.
- Positioning. This kinda applies to everything, but moreso to Plague Rider. If he's flogging his ult at you, spreading apart is the best way to mitigate its damage potential as it won't bounce if there are no targets nearby! This is the difference between a 280/370/460/(550) damage nuke, and an eventual 1960/2590/3220/(3850) damage nuke.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Another Jereziah guide. a more in-depth one

King Jereziah, the hope of humanity and one of the two leaders
of the new Legion, is not just a mighty warrior but also the
chosen of Sol himself. Charged with divine fervor and favor,
he rallies his men and wreaks havoc among the daemons.
The light that shines forth from him leads all toward victory,
and represents the dawning of a new day, one without cloud or shadow.
Attack Type=Melee
Attack Damage=51-51
Attack Range=100
Strength per level=2.65
Agility per level=1.75
Intelligence per level=1.8
Inner Light
Jereziah unleashes a nearby allied unit’s
Inner Light, healing them. Nearby enemies
are seared by the power of the Light, causing
them to take damage.
Level 1 : Heals target for 90 health, Damages enemys around target for 90 true damage.
Level 2 : Heals target for 180 health, Damages enemys around target for 180 true damage.
Level 3 : Heals target for 270 health, Damages enemys around target for 270 true damage.
Level 4 : Heals target for 360 health, Damages enemys around target for 360 true damage.
Mana cost 100/120/140/160
Cooldown 12 seconds
Just like Omniknight, and even more delicious. Some things to keep in mind about Inner Light:
-Though the cast time has been decreased slightly to that of DotA, it is still there.
-You should always use this when you are in front of an enemy hero if you wish to hit them.
-You can cast this on other units, which means that this can effectively be a ranged nuke if your teammates have good positioning.
-Don’t use this as soon as you’re in battle, or else you’ll be losing out on the heal. This gives you a 720 HP gap, and wasting that is too good to lose.
-We don’t get an arcane ring in this build so real spammage of this doesn’t come until the midgame. USE IT WISELY.
Protective Charm
Jereziah blesses an allied unit with protective charm
that grants immunity to Magic, removes all debuffs,
and grants a slight movement speed increase.
Level 1 : Magic Immunity for 5 seconds
Level 2 : Magic Immunity for 10 seconds
Level 3 : Magic Immunity for 15 seconds
Level 4 : Magic Immunity for 20 seconds
Mana cost 60/70/80/90
Cooldown 20 seconds
A good support skill, but this isn’t really our top priority. As a gankadin, you should really only get level 2 at tops so that you can use inner light, then protect yourself from magic during the duration of the cooldown. Remember that this prevents you from being able to cast inner light on yourself.
While levels 2-4 can be foregone for stats, level 1 should always be gotten to remove the nasty debuffs.
Righteous Strike
A righteous anger builds up in Jereziah,
allowing him to perform a Righteous Strike when attacking,
dealing increased damage which splashes to nearby
enemies and slows their movement speed briefly.
Can only occur once every few seconds.
Level 1 : +12 Bonus physical damage to next attack, 100% splash, 50% Movement speed slow
Level 2 : +24 Bonus physical damage to next attack, 100% splash, 50% Movement speed slow
Level 3 : +36 Bonus physical damage to next attack, 100% splash, 50% Movement speed slow
Level 4 : +50 Bonus physical damage to next attack, 100% splash, 50% Movement speed slow
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown 15/12/9/5 seconds
+50 damage isn’t noticeable so much later, but during early and mid game it is very very useful. The slow and the splash is why this is gotten. This is like Kunkka’s passive, just better because of the slow. Also turns Omni into a very nice farmer which allows him to succeed in the late game.
Remember your combo: Righteous Strike -> Inner Light -> Protective Charm -> Rinse Repeat -> Hope for a SnY proc for added pwn
Sol’s Blessing
Jereziah calls upon the power of Sol to protect himself
and his comrades. Sol blesses Jereziah and his nearby
allies, causing them to take almost no Physical damage
and receive high Health regeneration for a brief time.
Level 1 : +1000 Armor +25 health regeneration for 5 seconds
Level 2 : +1000 Armor +25 health regeneration for 6 seconds
Level 3 : +1000 Armor +25 health regeneration for 7 seconds
Mana Cost 125/175/250
Cooldown 150 seconds
Very useful when used at the right time. I will note that this isn’t nearly as useful early game, partially due to it’s steep mana cost but also due to the fact that heroes that rely on auto attack don’t get strong until the end game.
On top of being used in team battles and in emergencies when you need to escape, this can be used while pushing down a tower. VERY useful for that. Also acts as a 125-175 HP heal.
Your role
This is where we start to break conventions with Jereziah. As noted before, instead of playing him as a support, he is a very powerful ganker, pusher and tank.
Game Start (1-6): Just like all of the other characters, you’ll want to get lots of creep kills and get fat. Watch out of people like Zeus, Pyromancer, etc., as they’re strong as soon as the game starts.
Early Game (7-11): This is when you’ll begin to shine. With inner light and righteous strike maxed out, you’ll be able to start getting a lot of kills in a good amount of time. Remember your combo and you WILL get kills. Just don’t get greedy.
Your combo is: Righteous Strike -> Inner Light -> Protective Charm -> Rinse Repeat -> Hope for a SnY proc for added pwn
Mid Game (12-16): PUSHPUSHPUSH, along with your ulti, and solid array of DPS items, you’ll be able to push down towers with ease while keeping enemy heroes at bay. Remember that just because you’re a gankadin, you are still able to support your team (the -din part kicks in!).
End Game (17-gg): Because of righteous strike, you’ll be nicely farmed and rather fat. Even if you’ve had a rocky game with several deaths and not so many kills, you should have quite a few top tier items. While you shouldn’t expect yourself to be an ub3r DPS carry god thing, you can still tank quite a lot of damage for your carry while they dish out the pain. Your slow is also very useful in helping your teammates chase.
Just because you’re solid end game does not make you a carry. You can act as an expert chaser/tank/push in the end game.
In a nutshell, by focusing on offense, you are able to carry your team through the early-mid game, and then shifting to defense and support in the end game. This is a different take on a hero that makes him even stronger than he ever was.
First, you’ll want to get two bracers, -OR- one bracer and one talisman of the exile.
Image [x2] OR Image + Image
For your start items, don’t forget to pick up basic regen items. I like using the empty bottle a lot. If you opt to go bottle, then make sure you occasionally do rune checks. A pro to using bottle is that it allows for uber lane-staying, allowing you to become ganking fit very quickly, and once you start ganking, the mana regen is priceless. The downside is obviously the price… as it will delay the rest of your items and you won’t be able to get any other starting items.
You can also opt to get Runes of the Blight (Tangos) and Clarity Potions (Mana Potions).
Image + Image
Once you get your starting items, we move on to boots. It doesn’t really matter which you get, as each has pros and cons. Get whichever one you like the most.
Enhanced marchers are very good and in a lot of ways are a combo of steamboots and post haste. Giving you both a bit of damage and armor, and of course phase, it is a very solid choice. Phase is very useful for when you’re ganking and trying to get in front of someone to cast inner light. If having an extra active skill is too difficult for you (new players), go for something else because unless it is used effectively these are a waste.
Steamboots are nice because of the extra damage and more importantly, the IAS. Also very good if you have decent planning during ganking, as you can switch to int for a little bit of extra mana, then switch back to strength for damage. My least favorite, but it is still pretty good. The IAS helps a lot in the late game.
The downsides for using Post Haste are very apperent. Not only does it cost a whopping 1000 more gold than either of the other boots, but it also doesn’t help with your offense or defense quite as much. The pros? Think of permanent phase. Ganking with these babies is so easy it’s crazy. The teleport is also priceless, and I’ve actually found that in some games I’ve saved money by opting to get Post Haste. Teleport is amazingly useful in the end game.
So like I said, either one of the three are good on Jereziah–just make sure that you only get ONE.
Next up on the list is the fabled SnY, now known as Slash and Hack. This has wonderful synergy with righteous strike. Not only will it slow your enemies, but it will also speed you up making inner light much much much easier to land a hit on.
There’s more? If you buy a thir– err… the +agi and +str give you a lot of extra IAS (DPS) and HP and Damage (Tankage + DPS). This is the core item of a gankadin.
Now for our next core item, the battle fury, now known as a Ruined Axe (FTL name). The splash stacks with your righteous strike which is awesome possum for farming, but more importantly it gives you very solid damage, and much needed mana regen (this is essentially replacing your arcane ring). Once you get this, you will essentially be able to spam inner light for epic pushing and ganking. Once you get this, don’t be afraid to tank towers because you’ll be able to heal yourself after you retreat momentarily.
No tank is complete without this.
If the game should have ended by now, but some useful items on Omni in case you have an EXXXTRA long game…
Demonic Breastplate gives you pwn push and pwn tanking abilities. It will also support your allies during a team battle. The +armor is priceless for creeps because it takes an extra shot from a tower to kill them. The -armor for building makes them softer which can really turn the tide in a long game.
Rejected items?
Just as there are some pimp items for this guy, there are also some which are… not so much.
I know I’m going to get hell for this, but… I’m not saying that this is a bad item on Jereziah (it’s en excellent one), but for the purposes of this build we need to leave it out. We don’t have a 1.7k to spare for supporting teammates until the end game, and later in the game 300 mana doesn’t help very much. Your battlefury replaces the mana regen in this very well, and at only 2x the cost is much more than 2x as efficient.
Helm of the Dominator, and other similar forms of life steal are not good for Jereziah because his end game DPS doesn’t compare to that of carries like Chronos. The only life steal that should be considered is Vlads, because it will support melee carries. Even still…
I saw a guy get this once. I was sad. No joke.
Some of these suggestions are not due to direct synergies but because of the nature of our hero. Playing Jereziah as a gankadin will make you a terror on the battlefield until the end, and so naturally we do not want to overload with early-mid gamers. Always make a well balanced team if you want to ensure victory for yourself.
Enough talk, onwards!
Good allies
Blinkers: Heroes that can blink can position themselves very well for you to cast inner light on them. Characters with blink also tend to be fragile, which makes this a double whammy good. All of these minus the Wretched Hag are also carries, which helps to balance your team. The worst of the blinkers to have is Wretched Hag anyways, but that’s just because she’s a ranged character which makes it harder to position correctly for inner light.
[And more]
Stunners/Disablers: Characters that can keep an enemy still and not attack will obviously be helpful for the entire team.
Axe: The epic win ally. He uses his disable, everything runs and starts attacking him. You heal him and hit everything around him. Delicious.
Bad allies
[And more]
Magic Immunity: Double magic immunity is useless AND you can’t cast inner light on them while they’re magic immune. Bad combo.
Like any hero, you are a counter to some and are countered by others. If you see someone pick a hero listed, it may dis/persuade from picking Jereziah.
Your Prey
The best heroes to get paired up against are softer melee heroes. I particularly like going against Night Hound, just remember to bring dust. He’s fragile enough until L16 or so that one inner light will chop off a sizable amount of his health. I also really like to go against blood hunter.
[And others]
Chain Spellcasters/disablers: If you’re up against these guys, get level 4 repel and rape. It’s like a BKB, just with twice the effect and for free. Hawt.
Your Bane
Mrs. OP: Never go up against Arachna on Jereziah; Her long range will rape you and her perma slow will hurt. It’s true that you can repel/ulti, but your ulti only lasts for a couple of seconds and her spider bypasses your magic immunity. ANNOYING. The only way to kill her is to play mind games with her, run around and then run by a ledge while she’s chasing so that you’re in close proximity to her and you can get your combo off. Sound hard? It is. Don’t try it if you can help it.
Mana Burners: You need a size able mana pool to use your combo. Magebane can also blink away and there’s nothing you can do about that. Diffusal will kill your ultimate. Ouch!
Now get out there and pwn on this awesome hero.