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Monday, 28 February 2011


Skill Build
1 - Fissure
2 - Heavyweight
3 - Fissure
4 - Heavyweight
5 - Fissure
6 - Shockwave
7 - Fissure
8 - Enrage
9 - Heavyweight
10 - Heavyweight
11 - Shockwave
12 - Stats
13 - Stats
14 - Stats
15 - Stats
16 - Shockwave
17 - Stats+
23 - Enrage+

Justification / Modifications:
Fissure is your bread and butter skill pre-Portal Key and is maxed first. Heavyweight is taken for more damage on your combo, and for eventual synergy with Enrage for the stun.
Enrage can be taken as early as 3-4 if the ministun interrupt is important enough to consider. Enrage past level 1 is pretty meaningless, and stats are better.
Starting Items:
Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, 4x Mana Potion
Chalice >> Striders >> Portal Key >> 2x Talisman of Exile

Get a Logger's Hatchet if you can farm the lane (no use in getting one if you are forced to stay back and tower hug, or are roaming). Then get your Chalice ASAP! Striders are amazing on Behemoth; the more mobile you are without having to buy TP's is a good thing.
Portal Key is your obvious goal for being the initiator you are.
Talismans can be taken before or even after Portal Key to flesh out your mana pool a bit further for your combo + more Fissures.
After core:
- Wards of Sight - Hell, even before you get Portal Key. Investing 100g to get more back from assist and proximity gold (and get EXP too!) is always worth it. After you have Portal Key, you're pretty much complete so these babies are the priority.
- Tablet of Command - Rates a mention as it can be used as a poor man's PK substitute. Or someone else can get it and push you in. Either or.
- Spellshards - Lowered CD's, mana regen and -ma. Makes your initiation THAT much more scary considering the amount of magic AoE you can pull off.
- Frostfield Plate - An extra AoE nuke for your initiation and bigger mana pool to do it with.
- Behemoth's Heart - It fits, ya know?
Roles: Initiator, Roamer, Ganker
Preferred Lane: Any sidelane.
Difficulty: 4/5 (Placing Fissures makes or breaks the hero's early and midgame)
Farming capabilities: 3/5 (Enrage and Fissure with maxed Heavyweight will clear creep waves)
Item dependent? - Yes, requires Portal Key to initiate.
- Early Game / Lane Control: 2/5 (Fissure can net kills if properly used with someone who can make the most of it)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 3/5 (constant threat if ganking with others)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 4/5 (Arguably the best initiator with the amount of stun he has; creep waves don't start spawning smaller!)
- Ganking/Initiating WITH Portal Key: Wait for an opportunity, which in this case is if two or more enemy heroes are surrounded by creeps and within 560 distance of each other.
- Ganking/Initiating WITHOUT Portal Key: It's all about positioning, Portal Key or not. Stay out of your opponent's line of sight and fissure enemy heroes into a corner, or separate them so that your allies can more easily dispatch them. After the Fissure run up and Enrage->Autoattack.
- Often times you will have to save your idiot partners from their own stupid mistakes. Generally I have managed to save them with a well-timed Enrage (that Heavyweight stun does get quite hefty when levelled), but every once in a while when they really screw the pooch you've got to put a Fissure between the bloodthirsty opponents and your lovable idiot.
- When pushing or defending, stay away from your creeps! Otherwise his initiation will be devastating.
- Try to spread out as much as you can so he doesn't hit you all with his Shockwave.
- Closely watch Behemoth's movement in the early game. Be very careful if he is trying to trap you with a Fissure. This is very very deadly!
- Finally a Barrier Idol can be a helpful counter if popped before his initiation.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jeraziah (going to try him out)

Skill Build
1 - Protective Charm
2 - Inner Light
3 - Inner Light
4 - Protective Charm
5 - Inner Light
6 - Sol's Blessing
7 - Inner Light
8 - Protective Charm
9 - Protective Charm
10 - Righteous Aura
11 - Sol's Blessing
12 - Righteous Aura
13 - Righteous Aura
14 - Righteous Aura
15 - Stats
16 - Sol's Blessing
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
1 level of Charm is taken at level 1 for the ohshi- run away! moments for your lane (which will be fairly often). Inner Light is an amazing healnuke, and when used effectively from level 3 will destroy melee heroes. Charm can be left at level 1 initially to put points in your slow aura if you feel you can get away with it.
Starting Items:
Monkey Courier OR Wards of Sight, Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, 4x Mana Potion
Chalice >> Ring of Sorcery >> Marchers >> Plated Greaves/Steamboots

You can also get a Guardian Ring to start with if you dont have to buy a Monkey or Wards. Plated Greaves are decent on him for the survivability and push potential with Inner Light nuke farming. Steamboots give you a bigger mana pool.
Chalice gives early-ish mana and Ring of Sorcery has been buffed further with Pickled Brain cos reductions. Get both as the more you can cast Inner Light and Protective Charm, the more useful you are.
Jereziah is actually a scaling mid-lategame support and as such, should only Ward if it is absolutely needed.
After Core:
- Nome's Wisdom - As of the re-alignment patch, is amazing on him again with the +50% mana regen. Consider highly.
- Tablet of Command - Works well with Jeraziah with mobility, mana pool and an interrupt. Consider highly.
- Barrier Idol - Competent holder of Barrier Idol in conjunction with Sol's Blessing.
Roles: Supporter, Counter-Initiator
Preferred Lane: Any. Decent solo mid.
Difficulty: 5/5 (placement of all skills makes or breaks the game)
Farming capabilities: 3/5 (Inner Light is a 360 True Damage nuke)
Item dependent? - Yes, needs his core to function.
- Early Game / Lane Control: 2/5 (Incredible healnuke, but really doesn't lane particularly well with anyone except Devourer unless mid)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 4/5 (Charm and Inner Light are very strong when maxed)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 5/5 (Best lategame support and game-changing ult)
- Perfect timing is required on both of your lategame skills to make the most of them. This is why Jeraziah is one of the hardest heroes to play.
- You are countered HARD by Electrician's Cleansing Shock and by Nullfire Blade.
- If laning versus melee heroes you can use the heal on a creep they are about to last hit for some nice damage.
- Do not understimate your farming power. Once you got Chalice and Ring of Sorcery you are able to spam the heal for gold.
- Electrician's Cleansing Shock can remove Jeraziah's Protective Charm as well as Sol's Blessing. If a unit has both charm and blessing on him, one application of purge will remove both (and slow the enemy).
- Nullfire blade will remove Sol's Blessing AND Protective Charm. If there is a Jereziah in the game, someone should be rushing this item and upgrading it asap now that Purge charges on Nullfire stack. There is no excuse for not getting this. 14 seconds of Magic Immunity and Physical Immunity is too good to not go unchecked.
- His Inner Light is pure damage, it cannot be mitigated by Magic Armor but you can precisely calculate the damage it will do.

New hero comes to Newerth

S2 Games have just announced on their forums that a new intelligence lady hero is coming to Newerth this friday. Her name is Aluna and she is inspired by "the life of a beautiful and spirited actress". Her name will be announced in the following days. Here is the concept art:


First three of her skills have their icons in different color which probably means the skills will look and act differently when the ulti is skilled, since it boosts all other skills.

Here is here description and her skills:
The powers of a modern day Latina superhero will come to life in Newerth this Friday as our newest hero is unleashed!

Beautiful and spirited, Aluna carries within her the essence of Earth itself -- the old Earth, long since lost to the decay of ages. Endowed with its might, and carrying the power of the moon in a mystical emerald, Aluna strikes at her daemonic foes with deadly speed. Thanks to her skill in battle, she has already become a celebrity among the heroes of Newerth.

Aluna is inspired by the life of a beautiful and spirited actress. Curious who our new Latina superstar is?

Emerald Lightning

Aluna launches a bolt of lightning that bounces off her enemies, stealing their attack speed and leaving them stunned.

Power Throw

Channeling her strength into a single throw, Aluna is able to throw her weapon with deadly speed and accuracy.

Deja Vu

Aluna can see the past and future on the surface of moonlit water, and she can travel there under proper conditions.

Emerald Red

Aluna's emerald draws its power from the moon and increases the potency of her other abilities.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Change log 2.0.16

- Added a new Gold Collection Alternate Avatar: Legendary Valkyrie
* She will be available for 14 days before being removed from the shop

- New Legion Intelligence Hero: Aluna
- Myrmidon and Glacius have defected to the Hellbourne (WTF???)

- When a player views their own match stats and history, the "Back" button will appear at the top of the screen
- The game lobby will now display the appropriate tooltip indicating the players MMR instead of PSR
- Fixed powerups not precaching in old replays
- Fixed souls now showing on Dampeer's Alt
- Added new account icons
- Updated Shaders
- Fixed some broken models
- Fixed a messy cliff on Caldavar

Empath ( nerfed ;_; )
- Essence Link range from 600 to 500
- Essence Link break range from 850 to 750
- Essence Link Damage and Heal per second from 30/45/60/75 to 20/35/50/65

Friday, 25 February 2011

Sand Wraith

1-Desert's Curse [Q]
2-Dissipation [E]
3-Dissipation [E] (unless ganking Early game)
4-Desert's Curse [Q]
5-Dissipation [E]
6-Mirage [6]
7-Deserted [W]
8-Dissipation [E]
9-Desert's Curse [Q]
10-Desert's Curse [Q]
Then Rest.

Start-> HP Pot, Runes of Blight, Logger's Hatchet, 3xMinor Totem

(Helm of the Black Legion)
Nullfire Blade

FrostWolfs Skull

The Dark Lady

Skill Build
1-Tainted Soul [W]

2-Charging Strikes [E]

3-Dark Blades [Q]

4-Tainted Soul [W]

5-Dark Blades [Q]

6-Cover of Darkness [R] ulti


MAX out Tainted Soul [W]

MAX out Dark Blades [Q]

Start->  HP Pot, Runes of Blight, 2xPretenders Crown

Abbyssal Skull/Elder Parasite
Frost Burn
NullfireBlade / Assasins shroud.
Thunder Claw
Geometers Bane

Wingbow and Savagemace (luxury)


new blog.
will try to add guides to heros here.