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Sunday, 20 April 2014

[Drunken Master]

For the Drunken Master, there exists only a single cardinal rule: that booze shall flow, freely and indefinitely. At first apathetic to the Hellbourne threat, the Drunken Master lept to action when a wise sage explained to him that should the Hellbourne overrrun Newerth, there would be no more booze. Armed with expert combat techniques and fueled by questionable substances, the Drunken Master embodies that which is unpredictable and unyielding.

Hello everyone and welcome to my second guide, this time for Drunken Master, my favourite hero.

1. What is drunken master?
Drunken master is a physical damage carry, that can gank very well and is a very good choice for mid.

2. Pros and Cons
-Great mobility
-Good survivability
-Good ganker
-Good mid hero
-Good laner
-Since his ultimate makes him immune to targeted spells and projectiles, many heroes can't touch him with it activated (hence the name Untouchable)

-Requires farm to be effective
-Countered by armor
-Without your ultimate activated you are quite squishy, that is unless it's late game and you have Shrunken/Demonic/Behe Heart.
-Mana runs out fast

3. Abilities

Q - Lunge - Target an enemy to lunge at it, hitting it with an Enhanced Attack, dealing 70 / 80 / 90 / 100% of your Attack Damage + 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 and then spinning around it for up to 1.5 seconds.

At the end of the spin, or upon using the ability again, you will deal another Enhanced Attack and push the target 400 units away from you.

With 2 Drunk charges: Applies a 20 / 30 / 40 / 50% Movespeed Slow for 3 seconds

Strong ability, can be used to push enemies to your allies, or save your allies by pushing an enemy away from them. BUT, it's not a good idea to max this first, because your other two abilities are more important. Will also apply a 20/30/40/50% slow if you have 2 Drunk charges. Protip1: Always use Stagger(if you have atleast two drink charges) first and then Lunge. Why? At level 5, you Stagger onto an enemy dealing 120 damage(that's assuming it's rank 3 ofcourse) and get the 50 Attack Damage and Movement Speed buff. Throw in some auto attacks, Lunge twice and that's some insane damage. 2 Lunges = 140% Attack Damage + 70.

Range - 400

Cooldown - 14/12/10/8

W - Drink - Passively gives a Drunk charge every 4.5/4/3.5/3 seconds up to a max of 3/5/7/9 Drunk charges. On use, channels for up to 2 seconds to gain 25 health per Drunk charge. If an enemy hero within 500 distance dies, you gain 2/3/4/5 Drunk Charges.

Empowers your other abilities, heals you when you use it. There isn't really much to say.

Mana cost - 50 mana

Cooldown - 20 seconds

E - Stagger - Target a location to stagger there, following pathing, and deal 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 Physical Damage at the end of the movement. Deals 1,5x the damage to non-hero units. Disjoints on use.

With 2 Drunk charges: Grants 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 Movement Speed and Attack Damage for 4 seconds.

Your farming tool. Deals mediocre damage(to non-hero units), escape on a short cooldown that will also give MS and Attack Damage if you have 2 Drunk charges. Did I mention it also disjoints for big plays? Level 4 Stagger in combination with Ghost Marchers makes you very hard to catch. Protip2: If you missed to block the creeps in mid lane, don't be afraid to Stagger, it's only 45 mana out of 260 at level 1.Protip3: Never block the Ranged Creep, let it go first so it dies and doesn't push the lane. That way you get lane control.

Cooldown - 9/8/7/6

Range - 300

Mana cost - 45/50/55/60

R - Untouchable - On use, the Drunken Master becomes Untouchable, negating all enemy abilties targeted at him and ability projectiles that touch him and gaining 25 / 50 / 75 Attack Speed for 6 / 8 / 10 seconds.

With 2 Drunk charges: Additionally, reduces all damage taken by 20 / 30 / 40% for the duration

This ability is what makes Drunken Master counter so many heroes. It gives you Attack Speed, negates all targeted abilities and projectiles. It also reduces damage taken by a huge % if you have 2 Drunk charges.

4. Hero attributes
Main attribute: Strength

Strength 23 (+2.6)

Agility 17 (+1.6)

Intelligence 20 (+2.0)

Damage 54-59

Health 587

Mana 260

Armor 2.88

Move speed 300

Attack type: Melee (128)

5. Mid Matchups
You can play this hero in lane, but I prefer to play him in mid.

Heroes you want to face mid:
Devourer - He hooks you, Stagger away. You are in trouble? Lunge and push him away then Stagger. Stagger with + Damage from Drunk Charges and Lunge does more damage than his Rot + Hook combo. If you weren't already dominating him, get Untouchable at level 6 and there is nothing that he can do as it blocks Devour and Guttling Hook.

Pebbles - He has non existent Armor, meaning you will do alot of damage with your Stagger + Lunge combo. Also Pebbles rarely get Iron Buckler, so harass him.

Soulstealer - No escape mechanism, low armor. Prevent him from getting creep kills, and when possible always harass him with Stagger + Auto Attacks. Once you hit level 4, he is done for. But keep in mind, his Demon Hands still do quite a lot of damage, so if you see 2 or more allied creeps on low health, try to stay away.

Thunderbringer - Look Soulstealer

Wretched Hag - And yet again, low HP, low Armor. When she comes close to harass you, use Stagger and then Auto Attacks. At level 4, what I usually like to do is, Stagger > 1 or 2 Auto Attack(s), if she hasn't pussied out at this point (blinked away) Lunge her back, predict the blink and start running to infront of her, then Auto Attacks again and Stagger her for the kill. You can Disjoint her Q with Stagger too.

Heroes that you will do ok agnaist:

Bubbles - Pretty much the same as Hag, though it's more difficult since Bubbles has a better escape mechanism, can avoid damage from Stagger if Take Cover is on auto, can stun you(at level 6) and can silence you.

Nomad - Nomad is one of those annoying melee heroes, that you should get a Iron Buckler agnaist. His Harassment will be very annoying, get Ring of the Teacher and Ringmail (which builds into Sol's Buckler)

Rampage - Look Nomad. Always Ping/Write or say over Voice Chat if Rampage is missing from the lane

Magmus - Low armor, low hp and an escape mechanism. Sound similar to Hag or Bubbles? Nope. When he kills one of your creeps with E, it will do alot of damage to you, he has a invisibility ability (even though not every Mid Magmus gets it) and the escape mechanism will stun if he did it correctly.

Fayde - THE most annoying melee hero. Period. Drains your mana, stuns you, has invisibility at level 6. Again, always call missing over Voice Chat, write it or ping.

Monkey King - And yet another annoying melee hero. His combo will do alot of damage to you, but so will yours. He will almost always get the rune.

Gladiator - Gladiator's E works on denies, which is very annoying. Other than that, he can't do anything to you except annoy you with Flaggelation.

Dampeer - Ask for ganks. You may win your lane easily, but Dampeer can snowball very easily. Get Vestments

Deadwood - Quite hard to deny creeps with his Hatchet + W combo. He can also deny creeps easily. Deadwood is a tanky hero, so killing him will be a hard job, especially when he has that ultimate. Get yours at level 6

- Barely any armor, stun prevents you from killing him unless you play it big and sidestep it. Very annoying in the lane, like Chipper, get Vestments ASAP after Bottle and Boots.

Silhouette - She does alot of damage with her harrassment with E and if you go on her, Q and then E will demolish you. Other than that, squishy as ****, she DOES have an escape mechanism but keep in mind she needs a tree to use it. Level 4(or 3) you outdamage her.

Chipper- Get Vestments after Bottle and Boots ASAP. Chipper has no escape mechanism either, but has a MSpeed and ASpeed AoE Slow. He also isn't as squishy as the other Int Heroes. His harrassment will be annoying, and you can't kill him, so your best bet would be to call a gank from an ally. Get ultimate at level 6 here.

Heroes you dont want to face mid:

Kinesis - Kinesis just utterly destroys you. Trying to win mid agnaist this hero is like trying to kill Kongor at level 1 with Witch Slayer. It's not gonna happen.

Lord Salforis - Keeps you away from farming with his E, not to mention it helps him regen the harass you put on him. If that wasn't enough, he can spam W which costs very little mana and just heal it back up.

Arachna - Ask your team to gank, the harrassment Arachna dishes out is incredibly annoying and effective.

Gunblade - If you go into Stagger > Auto Attacks combo on him he will outdamage you since he has that Shield, and his E would do much more damage when you are close range.

Gauntlet - Damage Drain, his Q will deal insane amount of damage to you. Get ultimate at level 6.

Blood Hunter - Constantly casts Blood Frenzy on you, which silences you so you can't use your abilities. It may increase your base damage, but it's a DoT and he doesn't give a **** about your harrassment or Blood Frenzy increased Auto Attacks, he will just heal it back up.

Heroes I should have included but I have never faced mid:

6. Skill Build -

1 - E
2 - Q
3 - E
4 - W
5 - E
6 - W or R Depending on the situation
7 - E
8 - W
9 - If I didn't get R at level 6, I get it here. Otherwise W
10 - W
11 - R
12 - Q
13 - Q
14 - Q
15 - Stats
16 - R
17-25 - Stats

I max out Stagger for reduced cooldown, more damage, even more damage because of the buff and movement speed. You dont get ultimate early because teamfights wont be happening then. Though you might wanna get it at level 6 agnaist some heroes, such as Succubus, Deadwood or Witch Slayer so they don't kill you.

7. Item build

Start - Agnaist ranged heroes or Agnaist melee heroes. You may add like, a Health Potion or 2x Minor Totems, but I prefer not to.

Laning - (only if mid)

Core -

Luxury -

Some other items that are good - :dawn:(though I personally never get HotbL)

Troll Items -
- For complete stomp games
- Killing Heroes in the spawning pool is fun.
- Codex

8. Worst Enemies
Dark Lady - 2.5 Second Silence everytime Q is activated... ugh...
Legionnaire -A 3 Second Taunt makes you food for the enemy team. Not to mention increased Armor from the Taunt. Even Shrunken Head can't stop it from you being taunted.
Demonic Breastplate - Alot of Armor to the Hero who bought it and Armor Aura aswell.
Void Talisman - All of Drunken Master's damage is Physical.
Keeper of the Forest - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Keeper buffed his entire team with extra Armor!
Null Stone - You can't use your Lunge on heroes with Null Stone
Plague Rider - Even though he can literally do nothing with DM's ultimate activated, he buffs his team with Armor.

9. A few good matches
123186081 (this one is pretty funny)