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Monday, 14 April 2014

Arachna - the poor mans carry


Arachna is easily one of the best carries around - she can easily top 700 dps (not to be confused with dmg per attack) if built right. Add to that her easy laning phase (due to her +dmg skill and the ability to orb-walk) and her ability to easily gank most heroes throughout the game and you have yourself a can't-fail carry.


Go solo-mid or easy lane. Level webbed shot first so you can orb walk (attack the enemy hero by clicking on the skill then on him, instead of right-clicking the skill and auto-attacking the enemy - this doesn't attract creep or tower aggro) from the get-go, you follow up with two levels of Precision so you can out-lasthit your enemy, and get up to level 3 webbed shot before your ulti so you can auto-cast (right-click) it when you gank someone with the ulti.

Set the steamboots to STR for survivability, and (if you're solo-mid) gank (would be best if you can get a rune, but not really necessary) - getting a tp scroll is the best way to avoid the enemy calling miss on you or being spotted by their wards of sight.

Shroud is your bread and butter and you can even get it against pesti (he ulties you, you debuff with your 2nd skill, then invis), and the lifesteal is there to help against enemy carries. Savage and shards give the most damage possible. Get SH if you're getting disabled a lot







LVL 1 - Q
LVL 2 - E
LVL 3 - E
LVL 4 - Q
LVL 5 - Q
LVL 6 - R
LVL 7 - E
LVL 8 - E
LVL 9 - W
LVL 10 - Q
LVL 11 - R
LVL 12 - W
LVL 13 - W
LVL 14 - W
LVL 15 - +
LVL 16 - R
LVL 17 - +
LVL 18 - +
LVL 19 - +
LVL 20 - +
LVL 21 - +
LVL 22 - +
LVL 23 - +
LVL 24 - +
LVL 25 - +

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