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Sunday, 27 February 2011

New hero comes to Newerth

S2 Games have just announced on their forums that a new intelligence lady hero is coming to Newerth this friday. Her name is Aluna and she is inspired by "the life of a beautiful and spirited actress". Her name will be announced in the following days. Here is the concept art:


First three of her skills have their icons in different color which probably means the skills will look and act differently when the ulti is skilled, since it boosts all other skills.

Here is here description and her skills:
The powers of a modern day Latina superhero will come to life in Newerth this Friday as our newest hero is unleashed!

Beautiful and spirited, Aluna carries within her the essence of Earth itself -- the old Earth, long since lost to the decay of ages. Endowed with its might, and carrying the power of the moon in a mystical emerald, Aluna strikes at her daemonic foes with deadly speed. Thanks to her skill in battle, she has already become a celebrity among the heroes of Newerth.

Aluna is inspired by the life of a beautiful and spirited actress. Curious who our new Latina superstar is?

Emerald Lightning

Aluna launches a bolt of lightning that bounces off her enemies, stealing their attack speed and leaving them stunned.

Power Throw

Channeling her strength into a single throw, Aluna is able to throw her weapon with deadly speed and accuracy.

Deja Vu

Aluna can see the past and future on the surface of moonlit water, and she can travel there under proper conditions.

Emerald Red

Aluna's emerald draws its power from the moon and increases the potency of her other abilities.


  1. Well this looks interesting, hope the game is good.