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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pollywog Priest

Skill Build
1 - Morph
2 - Electric Jolt
3 - Electric Jolt
4 - Tongue Tied
5 - Electric Jolt
6 - Voodoo Wards
7 - Electric Jolt
8 - Morph
9 - Morph
10 - Morph
11 - Voodoo Wards
12 - Tongue Tied
13 - Tongue Tied
14 - Tongue Tied
15 - Stats
16 - Voodoo Wards
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
I recommend on always maxing Jolt first for lane dominance, pushing and farming. Morph is taken level 1 instead of Tongue Tied because while it isn't the longer disable, it isn't channeling and will save you from rune ganks, or enable them just as nicely.
Mid Starting Items:
Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, Mark of the Novice, Crushing Claw, 2x Minor Totem
Bottle >> Chalice >> Striders/Ghost Marchers >> Portal Key

The usual Bottle/Chalice combo to keep Pollywog's demands for mana satisfied. Striders/Ghost Marchers for general mobility for a Morph or Tongue, and to chase with Jolt.
Portal Key is your next big item as it allows you the mobility you need in ganks and teamfights to effectively place your 2 disables and Voodoo Wards if need be.
After Core:
- Staff of the Master -> Restoration Stone: The way you end games with a Pollywog. Pushing a rax with 2 sets of these enhanced babies melts buildings like they were butter and makes very short work of a tower+rax.
- Kuldra's Sheepstick: Because 12 seconds of disable is never enough.
- Storm Spirit: Eul's (cheapstick) was good back in DotA when you could upgrade it to Guinsoo's (sheepstick). Now it's very lackluster. If you want to Ward-trap simply use Morph; there is no need for Storm Spirit in most of the cases as Voodoo Wards now have a small square in the centre to make Ward-trapping easier.
- Puzzlebox: Becomes viable when the opposing team is (counter-) warding. Also nice synergy with your CCs (cast minions and shackle the enemy while they beat him up).
Roles: Ganker, Pusher
Preferred Lane: Solo Mid
Difficulty: 3/5
Farming capabilities: 3/5 (Jolt, ult will farm towers)
Item dependent? - No, can function well with just boots and Bottle/Chalice but excels with items.
- Early Game / Lane Control: 4/5 (nuke and disables)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 4/5 (Good pushing power with ult and Jolt to clear creep waves)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 3/5 (Still decent pushing, sotm->resto will melt raxes)
- If you are facing a double stun lane ask for a switch. It greatly reduces your effectiveness.
- Ward-Trapping: Cast Morph on an enemy, Place Voodoo Wards around him by targeting him with the spell, if he is not completely surrounded use Tongue Tied to prevent him from escaping and finish with Jolt.
- You can gank with Ward-Trapping from level 8 or 9 on (as soon as you get Morph). Don't go gank alone, its much less effective. You are a strong counter-ganker. Do this sparingly if you can push the tower straight after as well, as Voodoo Wards are much more awesome for knocking down towers, but use the opportunity if it presents itself.
- Always target their stunners/disablers with your Tongue Tied if possible. Otherwise they will interrupt it.
- Voodoo Wards tend to die in 2 hits each, but there are enough of them that you'll suffer for trying to pick them all off. You can usually get out of a Ward-trap by killing one and running away.
- He usually is pretty squishy so he should be a primary target in team fights. He has enough disables to really make you suffer for leaving him alive.
- Nullstone or Shrunken Head will help if you keep getting CCd by him.


  1. Thanks. Great info as usual

  2. i like his ablilities but i hate how he looks haha