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Monday, 14 March 2011


Skill Build
1 - Summon Beardulon
2 - Natural Attunement
3 - Summon Beardulon
4 - Natural Attunement
5 - Summon Beardulon
6 - Natural Attunement
7 - Summon Beardulon
8 - Natural Attunement
9 - Wild
10 - Wild
11 - Wild
12 - Wild
13 - Bear Form
14 - Bear Form
15 - Stats
16 - Bear Form
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Only covering jungle Wildsoul here. A solo lane Wildsoul is well beyond the depth given in this kind of guide. Dont pick him if you know you wont have two heroes capable of soloing.
You will not go into Bear Form until midgame at the earliest with this build, so there is not much use in taking it before level 12. The only time i would skill Bear Form for this build is at level 6 is if getting hardcore ganked in the jungle.
Beardulon and Natural Attunement offer the best jungling power, as Wild has a mana cost and a pitiful uptime without Natural Attunement.
Bear Form is also an extra 1000 max hp and 8 armour at level 16, with Battle Cry tacking on an extra 60 damage for the both of you as well. Not going it over stats is stupid, no matter who tells you otherwise.
Starting Items:
Bear tanks the neutral camps and does more damage than you from level 1. Best to put both of these items on him.
Wildsoul: Marchers, 1 slot for homecoming stones.
Beardulon: Alchemist Bones, Mock of Brilliance, Marchers.

When you send Beardulon back to heal for the first time, buy 2x Gloves of the Swift on him. Complete Alchemist Bones asap even before Marchers on either of you. Get Marchers for both you and your bear next if necessary.
The next item you buy is Sword of the High for your Beardulon. Usually you want to get Mock as fast as possible, which is attainable in 20-25 minutes of jungling with Alchemist Bones.
The trick here is to keep Alchemist Bones on Beardulon until it comes off cooldown, and then switch it to Wildsoul to transmute a creep. Then put it back on Beardulon.
After core:
- Create a pair of steamboots for Wildsoul.
- Upgrade Beardulon's Marchers to Ghost Marchers. He wont get benefits from Steamboots' Stats and Ghost Marchers allow for good chasing and phasing so Beardulon gets more hits off for an Entangle proc, and doesn't get stuck behind you!
- Warpcleft on Beardulon. He's got that Mock, an entangle proc and massive base damage in general. Attack speed is the perfect stat for him for now; as your main source of damage is the Bear.
- Daemonic Breastplate or Charged Hammer. Use the Warpcleft to build either Daemonic Breastplate or Charged Hammer depending on how the game is developing. Leave Daemonic on Beardulon for now, or make sure to keep the Charged buff on Beardulon.
As soon as your enemies are capable of killing Beardulon relatively easy (usually around the 35+ min mark) move everything onto Wildsoul and go Bear Form. This is where you turn into a true hard carry.
- Frostwolf Skull on Wildsoul. Adds the much needed movement slow for when Entangle doesn't proc. Goes through Magic Immunity (Shrunken Head) and slows attack speed to allow you more relevance.
- Wingbow, if the game still goes on.
Roles: Hard Carry
Preferred Lane: Jungle (for this build)
Difficulty: 3/5
Farming capabilities: 4/5 (Can jungle from level 1)
Item dependent? - Yes, very.
- Early Game / Lane Control: 1/5 (can't really gank the sidelane without a lucky Entangle proc, which likely doesn't happen when you want it to)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 3/5 (still reliant on Entangle procs when ganking, can floor towers VERY fast with Beardulon)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 5/5 (I am Bear with 4k hp, 30 armour and lots of damage. Hear me roar...for +60 damage too!)
- Only gank your lane from the forest if the opportunity presents itself or if your lane mate asks for it. You need to be level 3 for entangle tho. You're more applying pressure here to help scare off one person in the lane. Usually a waste of time for the most part for getting kills.
- Stack and pull creeps to the lane to help your horizontal lane solo hero. It will allow him to fight at the tower and get a better farm. (You can do this while Beardulon is off healing)
- Carry a homecoming stone when jungling.
- Tabbing back and forth between Wildsoul and Beardulon to give move commands and use items gives you better control. Practice is key.
- Once you have your core stop jungling (for now). Push towers and help in teamfights! A quick Mock buries all underfarmed support heroes, and ruins early teamfights on an semi-expendable Beardulon that can quickly be saved.
- Beardulon can tank and ruin towers quite easily, despite not having creeps around. Don't be afraid to take advantage of this. It's not BD.
- You can run circles around your enemies with Mock-Beardulon to prevent them from initiating with a Portal Key. Especially useful versus blink initiators like Magmus and Behemoth.
- Gank him in the forest. Typically a Wildsoul will be >80% hp when jungling, so bring a mate and some stuns.
- Try to catch him in Human form. Stun him and burn him down. Don't allow him to switch to his ultimate form before the fight starts.
- All of his damage is physical, so armor is the logic counter to him. Barbed armor will NOT work very well (he has 3k+ hp with almost no items!)

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