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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Corrupted disciple.

Corrupted Disciple

Having traded Sol’s sacred flame for the potent and unholy energy of the Hellbourne, the Corrupted Disciple is now little more than a battery of black magic. He unleashes this fell sorcery in many forms, some to his benefit but all to the agony of those around him.
Awesome chasing / ganking hero
Good farming abilities
Strong Anti-Carry ability
Good starting stats with decent gain

No slowing move for a chaser
Targeted alot
Needs items to get the most out of skills

(starting stats)

(lvl 25 with attribute points)

Decent starting stats with a somewhat decent stat growth. He still needs survivability to get the most out of his awesome moves, so we rush a “sigh”..Helm of the Black Legion and Headdress for optimum tankage.
Electric Tide

Your main harassing / farming / damage dealing ability. On use, it expands, and the contracts, dealing damage on each. Try and make it so the enemy is at max range for the circle to deal max damage. Also, this skills gives sight wherever the circle hits. Pretty nifty.

This is what you want to aim for. The radius is pretty big. In this picture, the Night Hound is getting hit for max damage because he is as far as the circle will go.

Try to avoid doing this. The closer he is, the less damage he will take. It takes some practice, but you should be able to master this skill in no time.

Corrupted Conduit

This ability will make carries cry mid and late game. Not only drain their damage, but it boosts your own. The only downside to it is you must be relatively close to your target, and cannot lose sight of him. The longer the link is maintained, the more damage will be transferred.

The cast range is 600 units. To maintain the link, you must be within 700 units of the target. Make sure you stay close to him when casting, or you wont get the most out of this.

Static Discharge

This ability makes you a good chaser. 12% passive movement speed. The static discharge effect is nice as well, dealing damage and slowing anyone foolish enough to nuke you.

A scary move combined with your great movement speed. This automatically targets the lowest hp enemy unit. This INCLUDES creeps, so be aware of that when chasing an enemy. The damage will add up quickly, especially since each hit has a stacking negative armor debuff.

Once it hits rank 2 and 3, it starts to become devastating, hitting alot faster and lasting a REALLY long time.
1. Electric Tide
Static Discharge Corrupted Conduit
Electric Tide
4. Static Discharge
5. Electric Tide
6. Overload
Electric Tide
8. Static Discharge
9. Static Discharge
10. Corrupted Conduit Static Discharge
11. Overload
12. Corrupted Conduit
13. Corrupted Conduit
14. Corrupted Conduit
15. Stats
16. Overload
17+. Stats

After much testing, this provides the best results. Maxing Tide first is a no brainer. You also want to max out Discharge next to get the most out of the damage from the move, as well as really easy chasing early game. If you want to get Conduit, you can get 1 rank of it early, but I rank discharge higher than conduit for early / mid game. Get Overload whenever possible.
Item Build

Ghost Marchers, Helm of the Black Legion, Shaman’s Headdress

Yes people, I’m eating my words and putting Helm of the Black Legion on here, as well as putting shaman headdress in your item slots to make you a real tough cookie to crack early and mid game. I’m expecting alot of feedback on this, cause everyone and their mother has different item builds for this guy. This is CORE. You need to rush your Helm ASAP so you can tower dive. Steamboots are good on him, but I LOVE ghost marchers. They make him a superb chaser, give him that unique unitwalking ability, and the extra damage is just icing on the cake. Nothing will be able to escape you.
Mid/Late game luxury items
Any of these after the core will help you out, and it depends what type of play style you have. You can continue to go tanky by picking up Barbed Armor. So extra movespeed and illusions is pretty good too. The new Frostburn is a nasty little item, better than Frostwolf SKull I think for agility. Choose either Frostburn of Geometers, not both.

This is hawt on Disciple. A huge chunk of HP combined with Shrunken Head almost ensures you won’t die. Which is extremely important for you to be able to use Overload to it’s maximum potential. The 10% damage boosts is amazing for Overload as well. Something that attacks that fast will benefit greatly from this. You can disassemble your Helm late game and use the beastheart to make this.
Upgradeable Items

You will more than likely be upgrading your Shaman Headdress mid game to a Barrier Idol.


If there is a Hellbringer, Jeraziah, or Hammerstorm on the opposing team, you need to get the Nullfire Blade quickly. Probably after your headdress.

NO-NO Items

I see these items on Disciple players alot. Elder Parasite is bad, makes you squishy. You aren’t meant to do amazing auto attack damage, you are meant to survive long enough to let your spells do all the work. Thunderclaw is used alot in low pub games, but again, you aren’t a straight up carry hero that does amazing auto attack damage.
Game Time
Early game
The best lane for Corrupted Disciple is middle. Your attack animation and harassing abilities make you a tough laner. Start out with 2 minor totems, 2 Duck Boots, a set of rune of blight, and 1 health potion. This gives you ample damage for powerful last hitting and harassing. Head mid and start farming. Be aware of any runes and last hit properly. You want to hit 6-7 quickly. If you can, harass with a lvl 2 or 3 tide to keep your enemy away from your creeps. Mid game is when you shine, so focus on farming alot until you have your helm and some boots.
Mid game

This is when you shine. Talk with teammates and talk about who you are ganking. Try to find a teammate with a SLOWING or STUN ability. These guys are your best friends. Start by using a tide to get your opponents attention. Have your ally slow or stun him. Get close, activate your ult (if you haven’t already) and use Conduit. Stay close to him and if you are able to attack dance, do so. By the time your opponent is low hp, you should have your Electric Tide up to use a 2nd time to finish him off. (For those who don’t know what Attack dancing is, it’s when you quickly click and move towards your target after autoattack. This makes it so you don’t lose any time chasing due to the backswing of your autoattack animation, and this can be a difference maker.)

The important thing to know with Disciple. You need to be aggresive. You’re a big tower diving hero with your movement speed and Helm of the Black Legion, but be sure you don’t go in over your head. Mid game you need to continue your ganks while maintaining a good gold flow to finish your cheap core items
Late game
If you haven’t already, upgrade your Shaman Headdress to a Barrier Idol.

You have your tanky items, and team fights have started. You guys need to push. Usually you want one of your teammates to start the fight, so you can come around the side and wreck havoc. If you have Geometers, pop it, show yourself, and unleash hell. Make sure you throw conduit on THEIR CARRY HERO. Stay close to him to maintain a huge damage drain. You are an aggressive chaser hero, so don’t be afraid to go after that fleeing hero.

Good Allies

Any type of solid disabler or slower. These guys will keep your targets crawling, or not moving at all. All you need to make sure your skills turn your enemies to dust.

Bad Enemies

Interesting enough, you are countered by other gankers and roamers. Pyro, Succ, and Pebbles all have nasty stuns / disables as well as a huge burst damage move. Be careful of these guys.


  1. I've never been into games like HoN or LoL but I have to say, they do seem interesting. Nice mechanics and such.