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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Skill Build
1 - Steam Turret
2 - The Keg
3 - Steam Turret
4 - The Keg
5 - Steam Turret
6 - Energy Field
7 - Steam Turret
8 - The Keg
9 - The Keg
10 - Tinker
11 - Energy Field
12 - Tinker
13 - Tinker
14 - Tinker
15 - Stats
16 - Energy Field
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
I didn't play the new engi but this seems to be the most popular build for him atm. Turret for insane dmg and farming, Keg for obvious reason. You can grab 1 level of Tinker early to farm catas.

Lane Starting Items:
Healing Potion, Runes of the Blight, 2x Duck Boots, 2x Minor Totem

Marchers >> Power Supply >> Soulscream Ring >> Ghost Marchers >> Frostwulf Skull

Power Supply is pretty strong as your combo will need a lot of burst mana. Also just a few Charges will allow you to cast a Keg with 0 mana. Ghost Marchers are good for a gank-oriented playstyle.

After Core:
Portal Key >> Shrunken Head >> Charged Hammer

Portal Key for good ulti placements and eventually a Shrunken Head as you should be initiating.

Alternative Items:
- Tablet of Command: Pretty neat to push enemies through your energy field and a good item overall. I suggest replacing PK with it and getting it before Skull if you wanna go for it.

Roles: Semi-Carry, (Initiator)
Properties: Disabler
Prefered Lane: Any
Difficulty: 3 - Medium (Not as trivial as it might seem)
Farming capabilities: 3 - Decent
Item dependancy: 3 - Medium
- Early Game / Lane Control: 3 - Medium (Good attack animations but low damage. Keg is very annoying.)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 4 - Strong
- Late Game / Team Fights: 5 - Very Strong (Scales incredibly well with Turret. Ulti remains gamebreaking.)

- Your basic combo at leevl 14+ if an enemy is in range: Throw down a turret, use Energy Field and then cast Keg to push the enemy inside the energy field while keeping him in range of the turret. If he already is inside wait for him to run out, then Keg him back in. If he fights, Keg him out at ~30% hp.
- Energy Field has a low cooldown, use it every fight!
- Throw down a turret before casting Keg if the Mana allows it.
- Optinonal: Having Tinker maxed (4) over Keg (1) makes Keg very spammable.

- With Shrunken Head on you can ignore Energy Field. If you play a carry get Shrunken Head versus Engi. (Not that it is only good against him...)
- Don't let yourself get kegged into an enemy tower. This is very dangerous early game!
- Level 1 Turret only has 500 attack range (increasing by 50 every level). Quite a few heroes have 550 or 600 attack range and thus can take out level 1-2 turrets without getting hit. Easy Money.

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