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Thursday, 16 February 2012


Skill Build
1 - Lava Surge
2 - Steam Bath
3 - Lava Surge
4 - Stats
5 - Lava Surge
6 - Eruption
7 - Lava Surge
8 -Volcanic Touch
9 - Volcanic Touch
10 - Volcanic Touch
11 - Eruption
12 - Volcanic Touch
13 - Stats
14 - Stats
15 - Stats
16 - Eruption
17 - Stats+
23 - Steam Bath
24 - Steam Bath
25 - Steam Bath

Justification / Modifications:
Lava Surge is your bread an butter. It's maxed first and mainly used for starting stunning in on ganks, for escaping or helping out teammates.

One point in Steam Bath ensures you live when you get ganked or dropping low in your lane. I prefer to max out stats first before Steam Bath to give you that extra HP/MP for longer teamfights.

Volcanic Touch is your mid-game farming ability which will clear out creep waves with some good timed clicks on low HP-creeps. In harder games get Stats instead of Volcanic Touch and delay it until levels 12-15.

Lane Starting Items:
1x Runes of the Blight, 1x Healing Potion, 2x Mana Potion, 1x Pretender's Crown, 2x Minor Totem

Power Supply >> Bottle >> Portal Key >> Marchers >> Fortified Bracelet

Portal Key is your most needed-item! Try to farm it during the laning-phase as fast as possible. If you're not able to, get Marchers first and get the Portal Key in the early mid-game with help of Volcainc Touch.

After Core:

Marchers (Post Haste) >> Staff of the Master >> Behemoth's Heart

Post Haste should be prioritised over Ghost Marchers, due to being able to push/farm lanes quickly and easily with Volcanic Touch. Staff of the Master will improve your ultimate further. Behemoth's Heart to top Magmus off and make him much more durable.

Alternative Items:
(Due to Magmus' relative effectivness with little core-items, you should think about buying supportive items and wards.)

Barrier Idol: Build an Idol if you're opposing strong magic opponents/ultimates.
Wards of Sight/Revelation: If you're team is lacking supporters and you got your core-items together.

Roles: Initiator, Ganker
Properties: Pusher
Prefered Lane: Long
Difficulty: 3 - Medium
Farming capabilities: 4 - Good (Volcanic Touch)
Item dependancy: 2 - Low (Portal Key!)
- Early Game / Lane Control: 3 - Medium (Higher if paired with another stunner!)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 3 - Medium (Can't gank alone, Lava Surge ensures a kill most of the time)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 4 - Good (Very potent Ulti if timed properly, relatively squishy compared to other Str heroes)

Noteable +/- and synergies:
+ Strong early game when paired with another stunner on the lane
- Can't pull off ganks alone, must be roaming with one or more allies

- You have to hit with your Ultimate in every teamfight!
- With Portal Key: Position yourself outside of the bulk of your team - preferably hiding behind trees or on higher ground - but in range to blink in. Then: Activate Ulti > Wait 2 seconds > Blink in the center of the enemy team > Walk a bit to position yourself perfectly while Eruption continues > Lava Surge to stun/kill/escape (> Steam Bath).
- Without Portal Key: Lava Surge in > Ulti (Opponents will try to stop your channeling though!) OR Ulti > Wait 2 seconds > Lava Surge in (Safer but no guarantee to hit in time in the right place!)
- Once you have Volcanic Hammer level 2+ you can Lava Surge a Creep Wave, hit the ranged creep and then hit one melee creep for a full wave of gold.

- A Barrier Idol greatly reduces the damage from his ultimate. Be fast to activate it though.
- Shrunken Head will also negate most of his damage as well as make you immune to the stun.
- Carrying dust or Wards of Revelation on at least one teammate is recommended to kill him when he tries to escape with Steam Bath (He can directly Port Key out of it).


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