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Friday, 24 February 2012


Skill Build
1 - Splash
2 - Tsunami Charge
3 - Splash
4 - Tsunami Charge
5 - Tsunami Charge
6 - Whirlpool
7 - Tsunami Charge
8 - Tidal Pull
9 - Tidal Pull
10 - Tidal Pull
11 - Whirlpool
12 - Tidal Pull
13 - Splash
14 - Splash
15 - Stats
16 - Whirlpool
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Level 2 Splash is all you need to get those last-hits. After getting that switch priority to Tsunami Charge and max it out asap for increased Range and Damage. Whirlpool is taken at 6 for a chance on early kills (Pull them behind your tower). But you can delay it depending on the situation.

Starting Items:
Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, 2x Mana Potion, Pretender's Crown, 2x Minor Totem

Steamboots >> Portal Key >> Fortified Bracelet

Simple as that. Pick up Steamboots ON INT first to have the mana to support Whirlpool, Charge and Portal Key. If you still have your Pretender's Crown upgrade it to a bracer.
Power Supply is situational on Kraken. Get it in appropriate lanes, skip it otherwise. I don't recommend to get it before Portal Key.

After Core:
- Helm of the Black Legion: DO NOT GET THIS ITEM! I see every other pub kraken run around with a helm. You are NOT a tank. You are support. There are 278 better items for you.
- Wards of Sight: Once you got your Core buy wards. Always remember, you are support.
- Nome's Wisdom: Less viable after the nerfs. I much prefer Barrier Idol now. But it is still good, especially if someone else builds an Idol.
- Barrier Idol: Great support Item in most matchups. Usually the most effective item to get.
- Astrolabe: If barrier Idol is not needed. Don't get both (it's too late to be useful after Barrier).
- Puzzlebox: After barrier Idol or Astrolabe.

Roles: Initiator
Properties: Anti-Pusher, (Anti-Carry)
Prefered Lane: Short
Difficulty: 4 - Hard
Farming capabilities: 3 - Decent (Splash)
Item dependancy: 3 - Medium (Needs core)
- Early Game / Lane Control: 2 - Weak
- Mid Game / Ganks: 2 - Weak
- Late Game / Team Fights: 5 - Very Strong (Game changing ult)

- Kraken is a very strong last hitter with annoying splash and he starts with decent strenghts as well as solid 3.1 Armor. It's not easy to harass him off the creeps.
- You are defined by your ultimate. Missing it makes you virtually useless for the next two Minutes!
- The first thing you need to look at before you use your ulti is your mana pool. At lvl 6-10 you need to have at least 275 mana to pull off a ult+portal key combo. At lvl 11-15 you need 325 mana, and at lvl 16+ you need 375 mana. Remember to always have sufficient mana before placing an ult.
- Always remember: You are Support. Do not play carry. Get supportive items, plant wards, let the least pushed lanes for your carries to farm.
- The next thing to note is that it isn't always optimal to get all their heroes with your ulti. The goal is simply to assassinate their most important heroes before the teamfight even begins. That's how Kraken wins games. Get 2-3 heroes, then continue to push to get an easy tower kill. Back off when they respawn and wait until the ulti is off cooldown!
- Sometimes, mostly early-mid game (around lvl 6-10) it is often worth to ult just to grab a single hero for an easy kill. Ganking their Sand Wraith right when he has saved up 2500g farming for Mock can be gamebreaking!
- Whirlpool has a quite decent cast range, so remember that you don't always have to cast it on your feet. Use this to your advantage, and try to position the whirlpool exit on a dangerous spot that's hard to get out of. Pling the map on where you place your ult right before you use it. This way your teammates knows what'll be happening.

- Stuns and disables are good if you either have very good reactions or if the Kraken is not very good. If you disable him while his ult is running it will go off after the stun ends. So you have enough time to walk away. Good Krakens however will blink in and instantly hit R, giving you no outs.
- Mock of Brilliance can be good against him as it prevents him from blinking on your team once he gets too close.
- Be prepared for his ulti. Either spread out or stand close and get all sucked in. Most of the time you can anticipate when he will be using it and if you move back fast enough you can escape him.

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