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Friday, 2 March 2012


Skill Build
1 - Venomous Leap
2 - Stone Hide
3 - Venomous Leap
4 - Carnivorous
5 - Venomous Leap
6 - Terror
7 - Venomous Leap
8 -Carnivorous
9 - Carnivorous
10 - Carnivorous
11 - Terror
12 - Stone Hide
13 - Stone Hide
14 - Stone Hide
15 - Stats
16 - Terror
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Standard build for most situations. If you jungle, max Carnivorous first obviously.
It is possible to delay Terror to levels 10 and 11 but I prefer to get it at 6.

Starting Items:
Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, 2x Crushing Claw, 2x Minor Totem

Logger's Hatchet >> Steam Boots >> Shield Breaker

One of the biggest advantages Predator has over other strengths carries is, that he does not need a Shrunken Head for his core. This allows him to go directly for damage items and making him become effective much earlier. If your farm is slacking a bit and you have troubles saving up for Shield Breaker you can build Insanitarious instead. It also a very solid choice but has a better buildup.

After Core:
Warpcleft >> Daemonic Breastplate >> Behemoth's Heart >> Riftshards

Daemonic Breastplate gives you all the stats you need. Riftshards is pure luxury.

Alternative Items:
- Insanitarious: As mentioned
- Elder Parasite: It is good since carnivorous scales very well with attack speed and the additional life leech with the Parasite and Carnivorous somewhat make up for the damage taken (IF you can attack). That being said either get it early (instead of sheildbreaker) or just get Warpcleft (I prefer the latter). NEVER GET IT WITH SHIELDBREAKER AS THEY WONT STACK.
- Shrunken Head: Is an option in very magic heavy matchups. It's by no means useless but very situational. The stats it provides are however sub par. You want attack speed and -Armor.

Roles: Hard-Carry
Properties: (Anti-Tank)
Prefered Lane: Short, (Jungle)
Difficulty: 2 - Easy
Farming capabilities: 4 - Good (Very high base damage, built-in life leech)
Item dependancy: 4 - Heavy
- Early Game / Lane Control: 2 - Weak (Dangerous with capable babysitter)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 2 - Weak (Needs farm)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 5 - Very Strong

- You have a very good Base damage and attack animation, last hitting should be pretty easy.
- Don't simply activate Stone hide right after you leap. Only activate it if you need it. It requires some practice and anticipation to use it correctly.
- You can block spells mid-air with Stone hide. For example even when Hammerstorm's Hammer is already flying it will not stun you and do no damage to you if you manage to activate Stone Hide before the hammer hits.

- Predator is one of those carries that start to hit like a truck with just one big item (shieldbreaker usually). Unlike other Hardcarries he doesn't require a ton of farm to be very effective. The more important it is to deny him any early farm on his lane.
- 2 things make you get destroyed by pred: If you have a lot of HP pred will leech an insane amount of life with each hit. If you have low armor and he can reduce it to around 0 or even below he tears through you like butter.
- So don't stack HP, but armor instead. Ulti + Shieldbreaker reduces 11 armor. So you want to have a LEAST 15 Armor, better 20+. Anything below 15 Armor will make you get crushed. -> Plague Rider is actually a soild counter as pred heavily relies on armor reduction.
- Plated Greaves and Nome's Wisdom are a good against him. Nome's offers 3 Armor to the whole team.

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