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Sunday, 19 August 2012

[Dampeer] guide

Vampire craziness has reached HoN too. The new addition to HoN ranks sucks big time… blood that is. As far as his skills are concerned, all of them exist in one form or another on other heroes in HoN, but the combination seems to have created a well rounded hero with an excellent presence in early mid game a very good supportive ganker with semi-carry potential (provided he makes good use of his excellent presence early on).
Skill overview
Terrorize Dampeer instills terror within nearby foes, damaging them for 75/125/175/225 magic damage and applies ‘fear’ to enemy heroes for 1 second making them run in circles. Each Essence he possesses will increase the damage by 30 and ‘fear’ by 0.25 seconds. (Essence can be gained comes from  his ultimate). Targets are slowed for 50% as long as they are under fear.

Do not think this disable skill will make you an awesome initiator. It can be used to interrupt channeling spells or to give you time to land additional auto-attacks, but that’s about it. It cannot be used like Maliken’s ultimate to jump in the middle of the enemy team, for obvious reasons.
Vampiric FlightDampeer moves quickly to target unit dealing 50/90/130/170 magic damage to enemies passed through (145 touch radius) and healing him for 10/20/30/40 health per enemy touched. Each Essence he possesses will increase the damage by 20 and heal by 5.

Your bread and butter early game. Because of this skill you can change your focus from your auto-attacks early game. Very useful to get back some life, and because of its range you can easily get an early kill. Another shining point of this skill is in initiating ganks. Just jump on enemies, unseen from behind trees and follow with Terrorize.
BloodthirstDampeer and nearby allies gain lifesteal on attacks. Gives melee allies 15/20/25/30% life leech and ranged allies 2.5/5/7.5/10% life leech.

This skill makes and breaks Dampeer. If you do not have a good early-mid game, you will end up as a walking aura end game. Just imagine a farmed Predator with Dampeer around him.
ConsumeDampeer takes a massive bite of an enemy’s flesh, inflicting damage and healing himself for the damage dealt. Three Essence charges will be added to himself if the unit is killed with the attack. Deals 200/300/400 magic damage to the target and heals himself for the same amount. Each Essence he possesses will increase the damage and heal by 40/60/80. If Consume is used to kill an enemy, Dampeer gains 3 Essences. You may hold up to 3 Essences. Essences dissipate upon death.

Instant damage and lifesteal. Try not to start right away with it for 2 reasons: when you have full life you will not benefit from the lifesteal and if it’s not the finishing blow you will get no essences. The counters that builld up on this skill can make the difference between a successful gank and failure. Not only they improve your ultimate, but also will make your Terrorize and Vampiric Flight better! Target for your ultimate are enemy units!!! This means you can ulti on a creep to get those charges!!
Skill Build
He is to be played as a ganker/semi-tank, and by no means as a carry. If well farmed he will have semi-carry potential, but on the other hand, there are only a couple of heroes that wouldn’t. Your top priority late game will be to nuke your enemies down and last as long as possible to provide them with your aura.
1 Terrorize (1)
2 Vampiric Flight (1)
3 Vampiric Flight (2)
4 Terrorize (2)
5 Vampiric Flight (3)
6 Consume (1)
7 Vampiric Flight (4)
8 Terrorize (3)
9 Terrorize (4)
10 Bloodthirst (1)
11 Consume (2)
12 Bloodthirst (2)
13 Bloodthirst (3)
14 Bloodthirst (4)
15 Stats
16 Consume (3)
17-25 Stats
Youre best nuke early game is Vampiric Flight, so that will be maxed out first. One level in Terrorize at level 1 for survivability. Ultimate whenever available and aura should be taken later when everyone will have the damage for the lifesteal to count.
Item Build
You have nukes, life-steal,low HP and if you fly-in, no CC protection. You need mana regen, HP items, magic immunity and Spell Shards to increase the damage of your nukes.

Steamboots on str/int are the boots for you. They provide some survivability and some regen inbetween battles. Ghost Marchers are not really needed since you can fly your way in.

Blood Chalice is the best item early game to help you land more nukes. Bottle->Vampiric Flight is kind-of a combo. One gives mana an takes hp, the other takes mana and gives HP.
Helm of the Black Legion is a good choice to increase your survivability early on because  you have some lifesteal but a low HP pool. If you face a lot of nukers Shaman’s Headdress is also a viable option instead.

You get CC locked => you’re dead! and not only that you’re dead but you will lose all the essences!! So you must! stay alive. If the enemy team lacks CC’s you can opt for a Null Stone instead.

This new item is made for Dampeer. You have a lot of nukes that will benefit from this item. Once you get it, upgrade it to the max.
Daemonic Breastplate and Frost Burn if you do not want to go the magic damage way.
Example of a Practical Build and Strategy
Starting Items: 1xrLoggers Hatchet 1x Mark of the novice, 1x Crushing Claws, 1x Health Potion

We will build a Blood Chalice so these should be your starting items.
Early Game: 1x Blood Chalice+ 1x Steam Boots STR

Early game is about farming and harassing. Blood Chalice is there to help you land more Vampiric Flights, keeping a constant harass on your enemies. In order to make this strategy more effective, team-up with an aggressive lane partner.
As for your behavior during this phase… Synchronize with your partner and land a flight + nuke/stun/slow followed by some auto-attacks. This should make almost any lane play more defensive, giving you more leeway to farm.
Mid game: 1 x Helm of the Black Legion + 1x Shrunken Head.

You should focus on survivability now. Try to set-up some ganks with a team mate. Surprise-jump from the cover of trees and follow with your Terrorize to give time to your teammate to catch up. Don’t forget to build up the charges on your ultimate! If you are low on life and no enemy is in sight, do not hesitate to ulti a creep to fill you up and to get the essence as-well.
In team fights you will not be initiating. Let other heroes better at it initiate and once they aggro you follow with your nukes.
Late Game: 1 x Spell Shards

Best item for Dampeer. Late game is all about damage and your physical attacks just do not keep up with your carries. Spell Shards will give a nice boost to your nukes, and remember that it is upgradeable!
All-in-all, Dampeer is another all-round, unique S2 hero, who will bring some more dynamics into the early and mid section of the game.

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