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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Skill Build
1 - Impale
2 - Flight
3 - Impale
4 - Flight
5 - Impale
6 - Swarm
7 - Impale
8 - Flight
9 - Gore
10 - Gore
11 - Swarm
12 - Gore
13 - Gore
14 - Flight
15 - Stats
16 - Swarm
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Usually Rank 3 Flight is enough and you can go for Gore before getting the last level of Flight. However there is nothing wrong with maxxing Flight at 9. You can also get an early point into Gore at level 2 or 4. The chance for the first level is much better than the increase in chance from the following levels.

Lane Starting Items:
Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, 2x Crushing Claw, 2x Minor Totem

Logger's Hatchet >> Steamboots >> Portal Key >> Shrunken Head

Directly aim for Steamboots (you don't need more movespeed thanks to flight). Then get Portal Key - an insanely strong item on pestilence once you learn to use it properly. Most of the times you will build Shrunken Head after PK but don't be afraid to skip it if there is really few Disables on the opposing team.

After Core:

Shieldbreaker/Insanitarious >> Behemoth's Heart >> Daemonic Breastplate

Shieldbreaker is your item of choice. If you don't manage to farm it, get the easier-to-obtain Insanitarious. Heart and Breastplate are Luxury and can be replaced by other items.

Alternative Items:
- Abyssal Skull: The best choice if you desperately need Lifesteal.
- Helm of the Black Legion: I am not a fan of this but I see it being built in competitive games for the fact that he takes a lot of damage often being the first to go in. If you like this item, get it BEFORE Shrunken head.

Roles: Carry, Ganker, Initiator
Properties: None
Prefered Lane: Short
Difficulty: 3 - Medium
Farming capabilities: 2 - Weak
Item dependancy: 4 - Heavy
- Early Game / Lane Control: 2 - Weak
- Mid Game / Ganks: 4 - Strong (Excellent TP- and Counterganker)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 5 - Very Strong (Strong and versatile carry)

- Flight makes you one of the best TP- and Counter-Gankers. Always carry a Homecoming stone and be ready to teleport-gank the other lanes.
- Focus on your farm during midgame. Your usefulness will skyrocket once you get Shrunken Head.
- Try to have a stunning/slowing babysitter with you (Demented or Witchslayer for example). This will create enormous lane domination for a carry/babysit lane!
- Always remember that your ultimate will reveal the position of the unit; also on otherwise invisible heroes. Use it on fleeing enemies to prevent them from juking you.

- Remember that Pestilence takes an additional 10% damage when his flight is on. So it is a good idea to burn your spells on him when he comes charging in.
- Void Talisman might be a good idea as he hits like a TRUCK on squishies.
- If you want to counter him, stack armor. You need to get to at least 20 Armor. There is a huge difference between 15 and 20 Armor (0% vs 20%+ dmg reduction). Get Plated Greaves and Nome's wisdom for that if you are support /get good use of it. Then throw a Platemail on top and you will be fine.

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