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Friday, 17 August 2012


Primary Attribute: STRENGTH
STR: 23 + 2.5x
AGI: 17 + 1.5x
INT: 21 + 2.2x

Attack Range: Melee
Movement Speed: 300
Armor: 4.38

Difficulty Rating: * * * (3)

  Pros and Cons

-Has a great Magic Damage output @ Early game
-Has a great armor
-The ulti lasts very long which can melt your enemies down

-The skills Require LOTS OF MANA for your base mana @ Early game
-The 1st skill speed is so slow that it can be easly avoided.
-Well, he is addicted to items

  Skill Build

Storm Blades > Ball Lightning > Storm Blades > Electrical Feedback > Storm Blades > Power Overwhelming > Storm Blades > Electrical Feedback > Ball Lightning > Electrical Feedback > Power Overwhelming > Electrical Feedback > Ball Lightning > Ball Lightning > Stats > Power Overwhelming > Stats+

This is the ONLY AND REQUIRED skill build for this guide. Please follow it correctly.

The strategy with this build is to get kills with your Storm Blades and get ready to farm with Electrical Feedback.


  The Item Build

Ravenor will farm on EVERY lane so our item build for beginning will be standard:

Well If you are mid, you are unlucky with your items because you will be far away from the secret shops. But don't worry you will get your items when you gank a lane and be successful
When you are laning bot or top you will rush for > because you need some MS for chasing and STR for tanking early game. Also enough AS bonus for farming in Jungle.

When you've just farmed your SteamBoots you gotta REALLY RUSH FOR > and then >
You will ask "WHY?" because you will get charges while farming jungle and you'll be needing life steal and in combat you'll be needing AS and LS for charges and MELTING your opponents in seconds. But be careful, your ONLY WEAKNESS IS WHEN YOU ACTIVATE THIS ITEM YOU GET VERY SQUISHY!!! And we have a solution for that

Well from jungle or combats or 1v1's collected money you will get
Because your squishness will go off from Elder Parasite and you will get MASSIVE attack damage which can melts your enemies in seconds. Also grants well farming.

After getting Insanitarius, you will be needing some Damage and Effective items as following:
you will be having MASSIVE attack speed with Elder Parasite And Storm Blades so you've got a great chance of bashing oppositing team and melt them in seconds with bonus damage and ult
You will be needing this item because you have got great AS and attack damage provided by Brutalizer and Insanitarius which will make your critical attacks effective.

And if you trust yourself, go for > You will be trolling the oppositing team 1 shot 1 kill
Otherwise you will buy a required item for your team:
or or to melt your enemies by reducing their Magic Armor or to silence enemies for 4 seconds and amplify your damage dealt will be a good choice or an item according to the game fluency!!


The Playing Style

Well this is the most important part of this guide! You gotta read well and understand.
If you are mid, you don't have to be afraid of ranged heroes because you have got lots of armor and Iron Buckler with you so you are nearly untouchable. Try not to get countered by enemy spells. Stay under tower if theres an enemy like Thunderbringer, Ellonia, RiftWalker etc. You have to get every single creep and deny nearly all of creeps. If you get countered hard, you dont have to because you will get revenge from them by using your W and Q @ lvl 5 or 6. You will play aggresive and opportunist @5 lvl. Because you got 1 Q - 2 W and 1 E which wont bring you down. If you catch an enemy on an -open for hunting- position, you will just Q towards him. My suggestion is if you get pro with Ravenor, cast W then Q towards enemy and E. You will rip them off. But we will just Q towards and W then kill them. You will get 6 lvl and start ganking. My suggestion is gank bot. Because in the jungle theres a spot between creeps and 1st enemy tower if HELLBOURNE. If you are Legion vice-versa it. You will Q an enemy, with help of your supports or without them, then teleport near him, then press E if you are tower diving, then W and slash them. Go and finish your Steam Boots and buy Hungry Spirit. This is the end of your Mid early game ganking story. Lets check the laning:

Doesn't matter if you are bot or top, you will do the same thing. The magic touch is, take a disabler support with you so you can land you Q and W skills accurately and you will get easy kills. Try to kill your enemies @3 or 5 according to the laning foes. If you get double kill with a bloodlust just finish SteamBoots. If not try to farm, you will stay back or play aggresive according to the enemy team then finish your Steam Boots. Wish some warding from your support. Thats important. If you die Early game it will be VERY VERY hard to recover! Try to roam and GANK MID asap. Then you will gang top if succesful get Hungry Spirit and start jungling. This is the end of your Laning early game story. Lets check out HOW TO JUNGLE!

This is the most important phase of the whole game. When you get Hungry Spirit you will rush for jungling. Try to stack the slots or find SNOTTER slot in YOUR TEAM'S jungle. Press E and get charges. Try to move and hit creatures fast you won't be out of charges. If you face with magic immune creatures, just pass them and start collecting charges again. WATCH OUT FOR ENEMY TEAM and WARD YOUR JUNGLE IN CASE OF GANGS TO YOUR JUNGLE!!! When you have low HP just go to base and refresh. The time loss while doing this isn't important with Ravenor. When you finish your Elder Parasite its time for farming Insanitarius and helping your team. If you see a 2v1 or 1v1 fight on your team IN YOUR SIDE go and help. Never escape from them because your level will be 8 or 9 which you've got MAX W and R with midi Q or E which is enough for you to kill somebody or make them afraid and run away from your attacked mate. You will keep farming as I said above, using E, your key ability. When you get Insanitarius, tell your team that you gotta gank. Then you will go EVERYWHERE as 5! you will stay out of fight and when the most of damage is done, you will jump in with Q then W and E RIP EM OFF!!! Try to combat in jungle because more enemies, more getting hit by enemies while having E buff, more charges. Cast Elder Parasite and Insanitarius then have some tea After a combat you should be able to get Brutalizer. If not then it means you will play your role in the late game but before that when you get 11 you will be able to turn arround the Ancient Slots which will give you great bucks. Good luck with it. Lets take a look at late game!

d) LATE GAME WITH RAVENOR ( The most fun part )
This is the most fun part playing with Ravenor. You will deal massive damage and beat up some fed enemies. You gotta FARM HARD. You will take every single jungling slot and you will defend your lanes and clean them up. If you have got Steam, Insanitarius, Elder and Brutalizer stop farming and try to find some enemy support or nuker. Get one of your friend who has a VALUABLE and USEFUL stun or disable and kill that support or nuker enemy. Then go back and refill in base. Do them times and times till you get your full build or 5-slot item build in game which will take 40 or 45 minutes of game. When you kill all of your enemies go and push. When you are done with pushing, go and turn the WHOLE MAP SLOTS then go base and make sure you have got no risks with your towers and base. Go base and buy your last USEFUL item. Then you will troll the whole enemy team in their base. You will be proud of yourself Try not to die and try to KILL


The Counters and Helpers

The ONLY SERIOUS COUNTER TO RAVENOR WITHOUT OR WITH ITEMS: He has got Magic Damage Invulnerability and MASSIVE LS with his passive. And if he's got Shrunken as a bonus item, sorry but you are DEAD or your work is REALLY REALLY hard.

Helpers are THE EVERY SINGLE disablers and debuffers!!!




The ID is: 92193029 and 92268775 ( Watch this one nearly an hour )

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